KC was arrested and charged with electronic communication and harassment after sending threatening emails to his former employer. After KC hired us, we got to work immediately by conducting our investigation and began preparing our own strategy for his defense. After analyzing the facts of the case, we concluded that it would be possible for the prosecutor to prove their case against our client. We also noted that KC’s behavior in the arrest reports was out of character for him as he had no criminal background or other run-ins with the law.

We contacted the State’s Attorney’s Office and discussed our options to get the case against KC dismissed eventually. We presented them with information about KC’s life that showed his kind of person. This gave them insight into his life to see that this incident was out of his character and unlikely to happen again. The State’s Attorney’s Office agreed to work with us and dismiss the charges. Now that the authorities have been denied, KC will be able to delete is a criminal record, removing any trace that this case ever occurred.